Introduction of CNC Internal Grinding Machine

The term CNC is the abbreviation of computer numerical control. That is, the whole machine tool can be controlled by computer programs.

Internal grinding is one of the difficult grinding techniques used for grinding bores and holes. This technique is usually used to make cylindrical parts with high accuracy.

Internal grinding machines, as known as internal grinders, are the machine tools to apply this technique. They use grinding wheels for machining the workpieces into the finished products.

They may include multiple grinding wheels for different purposes. While working, the cylindrical workpieces would be passed through one or more grinding wheels and the inner wall would be formed. Usually, internal grinding machines are used to form precision pipes, tubes, bearing races, or bushings, etc.

Combined with the concepts above, a CNC internal grinding machine would be a type of machine tool that is responsible for internal grinding tasks and can be controlled by the CNC (computer numerical control) system.

CNC internal grinding machines, also called CNC internal grinders, are generally used to deal with internal cylindrical grinding tasks. Sometimes they would be designed not only for the specific internal wall grinding machines but also can deal with the outer surface of the workpieces.

Generally, grinding machines with CNC systems can work better and more accurately than the ones without the control system. It is because the CNC internal grinder can be controlled and pre-programmed by computers that the machine would just work along the designed programs which is rarely making mistakes.

While the grinding machine is working, they would but not only deal with the internal part of the cylindrical parts, also, the external parts which are round would be grinded smoothly as well.

e-tech CNC Internal Grinding Machine

As a professional and experienced grinding machine manufacturer, e-tech has developed numbers of high quality grinding machines and provides them to the global market.

During these decades, e-tech has provided various grinding machines including cylindrical grinders, internal grinders, surface grinders, centerless grinders, and complex grinders for internal and external diameters.

The CNC internal grinding machine developed by e-tech is designed with both internal and external grinding functions that can machining the required cylindrical workpieces complete at one time. During the grinding progression, the grinding wheels would deal with the outer walls and internal cylindrical structures and grind both sides smoothly.

The CNC controller would help to operate the grinding machines smoothly without mistakes. High speed box type dressing function efficiently reduces the dressing time and the time spent for initial set up. Moreover, the CNC controller provides anti-collision function which can avoid the potential consumption and program saving function that can help to start the task quickly next time.

With this system, the users can set-up the grinding machine through simple graphic display icons and select riding modes as well. Every step can be set up before the grinding progression.

The grinding wheels on the internal grinding machine are various in shapes and sizes in the purpose to be able to be used in dealing with different angles and surfaces.

For example, grinding wheels dealing with the outer surface could be designed with specific angles and shapes to cut the basic shapes out from the raw materials. As for the internal cylindrical structures, the machine tool also offers grinding wheels in different thickness and sizes to make cylindrical structures in different diameters.

CNC Internal Grinding machines made by e-tech are consisted of:

● Work Head

This is a large servo motor drive which offers steady speed and torque during the whole progression. It can be coolant by the positive air purge system and longer the lifespan.

● Tail Stock

On the tail stock, there would be a coolant nozzle installed on the top for cooling the center tip. This device is air floated that can protect the working table. Moreover, the tailstock on the CNC internal grinding machine made by e-tech is adjustable and does not need to rest dressing zero.

● Rigid Machine Base

It is designed with ribbed-box structure with the thickness of 25 mm and the internal coolant guide with three outlets. The excellent design of this rigid machine base provides perfect rigidity and stability of the machine and then ensures the quality of completed products.

● X-Axis Guideway

The double V-shaped guideways provide the maximum support to the wheel head in the purpose of keeping stability. Thus, the accuracy of the products coming from this grinder would be ensured.

● Rotary Table

This rotary table performs well on water-proofing and is able to deal with heavy duty working. It is positioned by three-pieces tooth type clutch gears that can provide high weight loading and smooth working ability.

● ID Grinding Spindle

This is a built-in spindle which is not only space saving but also high-torqued and stable.

● Wheel Head

The NN bearing in the wheel head works the spindle and ensures rigidity and accuracy while the grinding progression is operating. Moreover, the wheel head is able to provide big output power to increase productivity.