Vertical Grinder

Vertical Grinder EGV/CNC

EGV CNC series

Machine Design Feature

iGrind Operation

High speed box type dressing.

With EGM high speed box type dressing function, it drastically reduces the wheel dressing time.

This function allows the operator to input the specifications of the dresser and the geometric data of the profile to create the optimal dressing path.


Grinding Sample


Grinding Capacity Max. ID Ø mm Ø45~Ø600 Ø100~Ø800
Max. OD Ø mm Ø600 Ø800
ID length mm 550 600
OD length mm 550 600
Max. swing Ø mm Ø600 Ø800
Max. workpiece weight kg 700 850
Table Table size mm Ø600 Ø800
Max. swiveling speed rpm 200 R.P.M (Hydrostatic pressure) 200 R.P.M (Hydrostatic pressure)
X axis Max. feeding stroke mm 1000 1000
Max. feeding speed m/min 15 15
Min. feeding unit mm 0.0001 0.0001
Z axis Max. feeding stroke mm 1200 1200
Max. feeding speed 15 15
Min. feeding unit mm 0.0001 0.0001
Motor Hydraulic motor Kw 1 -
Coolant pump Kw 1 1
GW spindle motor kw 25 25
Work table motor (DD Direct Drive) kw 3.1 3.1
X axis servo motor kw 4.5 4.5
Z axis servo motor kw 4.5 4.5
Machine Net weight kg 16000 17000
Gross weight kg 18000 19000
Packing size (L x W x H) mm 3000x2700x3700 -
Grinding Wheel (X Axis) Spindle Speed rpm 10000 10000
Tool Holder HSK-A100 HSK-A100
Spindle Turning Angle Fixed type (Opt. Manual 22.5degree) Fixed type (Opt. Manual 22.5degree)
Auto Tools Changer (ATC) Max. grinding wheel mm Ø250 Ø250
Max. grinding wheel weight kg 8 8
Grinding wheel capacity 6/8 (According to grinding wheel) 6/8 (According to grinding wheel)

Standard accessories

Controller Mitsubishi M80
Grinding wheel spindle (HSK-A100 built-in cooling device)
NSK screw rail made in Japan (one set)
Automatic feed lubrication device
HSK grinding wheel spindle handle x2
ATC tool change mechanism with disc type tool storage (6/8)
Working spindle 600DD direct drive motor (5.5Kw)
Closed loop X axis MP inductance ruler (Mitsubishi 0.05um)
Electric box heat exchanger
Round working plate with T-shaped fixed groove
Horizontal adjustment screws and spacers
Adjustment tools and toolbox
Full cover type sheet metal
Three directions sand repair seat x1
Three-color indicator light
LED lighting in the working area of ​​the machine
Operation manual and parts list
Circuit diagram

Optional accessories

Mitsubishi M80 iGrind conversational software
Permanent electric disk 600mm (including 8 customized magnetism)
Electromagnetic type coolant chip removal device Paper belt type coolant chip removal device
Hydraulic separator 120L/min
Water temperature cooling device
HSK-A100 Grinding Wheel Spindle Shank
Oil mist recovery system
Diamond roller dressing seat
Power sensor sand repairing to prevent impact device (power detection)
Renishaw LP2 grinding machine special tool setting and measuring system (including the ring gauge)
Z-axis optical scale Mitsubishi resolution 0.05um
Special chuck (fixture)
Deep hole grinding wheel spindle shank

Grinding spindle

The use of a built-in motor spindle, in addition to fast cutting speed, also has the advantages of good cutting force, low vibration, high cutting rate, high precision and easy space arrangement. The spindle adopts a long nose design, which is easy for deep hole processing. The spindle can be extended into the workpiece, reducing the length of the grinding wheel handle and effectively increasing the grinding rigidity.

In-flight measurement system

Eide Machinery specially planned the LP2 grinder's special measuring and B53 measuring mechanism and matched with the comparison ring gauge, which not only greatly increased the tool setting speed, but also re-measured after finishing the grinding to achieve the best accuracy.

Hydrostatic pressure turntable

The turntable uses a hydrostatic design with zero metal contact, which can maintain a long life and bring a high degree of accuracy guarantee (rotation accuracy 0.001mm).
High rigidity design and ultra-high load capacity, dead load up to 1200 kg.

Diamond roller sand repair seat

Diamond rollers are specially selected for sand repairing, which is different from diamond sanding pens. The diamond rollers are not easy to wear and have the characteristics of high shape accuracy and high repairing efficiency.

High precision linear slide

Each axis uses the C1 grinding grade high-precision ball screw selected by Japan NSK, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, high rigidity, high lead and predictable life.
Take the lead in major factories to use six-slot round ball linear rails, and use the configuration of extended sliders to achieve the characteristics of weight uniformity, low friction coefficient and uniform accuracy.

ATC automatic tool changer

The use of a hat-shaped mechanism and an ATC tool changer not only has good reliability, but also has high tool change efficiency. With 6 to 8 tool holders storage capacity planning, complex workpieces or applications that require the best surface roughness can be implemented.

Ultra-rigid home structure

The low-profile mechanical structure, combined with the high-rigidity design of the machine, and the one-sided water flow design that considers the stable heat source between the two shafts, not only facilitates the discharge of cutting debris, but also keeps the machine clean and minimizes the impact on temperature changes.