Description Rotary magnetic chuck dia. mm 600 1000
Maxi grinding radius. mm 325 525
distance of table surface to spindle surface center. mm 325 400
Rotary magnetic chuck speed. rpm 5-50 5-50
rotary magnetic chuck horse power. KW 3 5.5
spindle motor. hp 10/15(OPT.) 40
spindle speed(50/60Hz) rpm 1450/1750 1450/1750
Auto downfeed horse power. Servo Motor 3KW Servo Motor 2KW
Vertical hand wheel sownfeed per revolution. mm x1,x5,x10(MPG)/0.1,0.5,1 x1,x5,x10(MPG)/0.1,0.5,1
Vertical hand wheel sownfeed per graduation. mm x1,x5,x10(MPG)/0.001,0.005,0.01 x1,x5,x10(MPG)/0.001,0.005,0.01
wheel size(diaxwidthxbore). mm 150x50x25mm*8pcs 150x50x25mm*8pcs
Net weight/gross weight. kg 4300/5000 9500/10500
Packing size (LxWxH). mm 2990X1520X2320 4510X2010X2500
Max Table Load. kg 250 800